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Welcome to Hue!

Meet An Nguyen and his team from Nam Phuong Travel; we are your local connection in Hue! We have a passion for our local community and a commitment to develop tourism, whilst still conserving the environment and culture. We try to educate and promote sustainable tourism initiatives to locals as well as tourists. We aim to use our local knowledge and friendliness to make your trip a memorable one! Let us help you experience some of the Hue astronomy, the Buddhism Pagodas, Old Citadel and Tombs of Nguyen's Dynasty, and typical garden houses or eco-tours!

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Reasons to visit Vietnam

When everyone looks for an exotic place to spend their vacation, there are some people looking for something different then what they usually see. Vietnam is the location where you will be surprised by a rich culture and a healthy lifestyle. This is where you will find your inner peace, learning to manage your daily challenges.

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Why visiting Vietnam

People visit other countries to discover more natural beauty. In Vietnam you will certainly have the chance to see impressive landscapes mixed with beautiful cities. Places like Halong Bay or Phong Nha Ke Bang caves are strong attractions for locals and foreign tourists. However, Vietnam should be visited not only for wild landscapes, but also for historical cities. Hue is one of the most ancient cities within this country. If you want to discover some of the Vietnam history, Hue will show it you step by step through its buildings and cultural sites. The former national capital is a World Heritage Site where you will find religious centers, museums and theaters.


As shown above, you are able to see a lot of amazing things during your trip to Vietnam but this is not the main reason people come here. In this country you will be welcomed by everyone. No matter if you accommodate yourself to a hotel or a private house; the personnel will be friendly. In Vietnam, everyone is respectful and has a high level of integrity. You will feel safe and respected wherever you travel within the country. Spending your vacation in a new country involves trying the local food. This country has really tasty foods you should taste and a flavored coffee. Enjoy gastronomic differences at affordable prices.

Visit Vietnam for its natural beauty and also for its rich history. The country is special just like the inhabitants, who will make your stay really wonderful. Disconnect from the stressful life in big cities to reconnect with inner peace.

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Hue Tourism College & Luxembourg

Villa Hue hotel is the program of collaboration between Hue Tourism College and Luxembourg Development Cooperation.

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